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Patient review of Dr. Greg Fors :
What a great experience

Having Fibromylgia I was so blessed to find the Pain & Brain Healing Center. Dr. Greg Fors knows exactly what to treat you for. After experiencing the treatments my body started to feel so much better and most of my pain went away. I would strongly recommend his clinic to everyone that has pain. You have nothing to loose but your pain.
-- Catherine M. Mpls, MN

A review of Dr Fors :
It is worth the journey

I have been working with Dr. Greg Fors for the last eight months and I have felt the results. I have less pain then when I first arrived and my digestive tract is better. It takes time and patience.
-- Amena B. Wichita, KS

A Review:
Thanks to Dr. Greg Fors, I now have a life again!

Dr. Fors has restored my health w/acupuncture, adjustments, lab tests & supplements. I had suffered w/digestive problems & food allergies for about 5 years forcing me to either spend my days in bed or in my recliner. I felt too sick to function. My social life had almost ended. Medical doctors were of no help. I read an article written by him in Tidbits & immediately made an appointment w/him. Now 1 1/2 years later, I am feeling great & my health has improved. I am 71 but look & feel 10 years younger, thanks to Dr. Greg Fors & Phoenix. God bless you both.
-- Mary Lou W. Ham Lake, MN

Always great care from the Dr. Greg Fors practice

After a few months of care with Dr. Fors, I am still just as happy with him and his practice as I was originally. His expertise is helping me to turn my health and my life around. I'm actually feeling more hopeful and feeling some of my vitality returning. His daughter Phoenix is very helpful in the office, as well, and in helping to gather information on food and health when I need it. The supplements from him are helping create the right balance in my body, that was so out of balance since my 20's and causing bad health problems to develop. I may not have to have surgery that was impending because my body is healing and there's not much way to thank a doctor enough for that. If you're thinking about coming to this clinic, the experience will be a God send to you.


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